Finally Brewing Again

Hi All,
It was a busy Summer. Between an engagement, an unexpected move across town, and a few other surprises I haven’t had a chance to brew since late May. And, since I plan for this blog to be about brewing and beer in general, it has been difficult to find subjects to write about. Last weekend (Finally!) I was able to get out into the garage and make some beer. I haven’t been able to get enough of these session IPAs this summer, notably: Stone Go To, Firestone Walker Easy Jack, Lagunitas Daytime, and Boulevard Pop-up. So I decided to brew one. I have the recipe with notes here.
Soon I’ll be starting a series of posts that will attempt to chronicle a homebrewer’s typical progression and advancement through the hobby. I plane to brew the same brewing kit from the same supplier every time and change one or two things in my process to document exactly what affect they have on the beer. If anybody has a suggestion for a kit that performs well and they enjoy drinking a lot of please let me know.



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