My Backyard

It’s the best place to be.  Period.  Depending on the day, I can watch city league softball or little league baseball games from the deck.  I can, almost literally, watch my hops climb their trellis in the corner of the yard. And it smells fantastic, the smell of boiling wort and a freshly opened bag of hops means it must be brew day.

I am a homebrewer and I love it.  Everything about it is awesome.  The brewing process, from the simplest stove top system to the most complex tiered systems, appeals to the Chemical Engineer in me.  The fact that a skilled brewer on either of those systems, and anything else in between, has the ability to make world class examples beer amazes me. Plus, having tasty brews to share with friends and family at the end of it all is the best part of all.

This is my first blog post… ever.  I started this blog as way to help myself learn more about my favorite hobby and beer in general, and my goal is that the information I provide makes you as passionate about homebrewing as I am.

If there are any topics you would like me to cover let me know in the comments below, or you can contact me at, and you can also follow me on twitter @beer_crab.

-Beer Crab




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